More than just the exotic locations we work in. Or the memorable projects we produce. The real fun in our work is the people we meet. Here in our blog, we will talk about it all. Watch clips from memorable adventures, read our experts talk about the industry, or just have fun with us as we explore this great, big world, armed with our trusty cameras and a passion for capturing it every step of the way.

Upon taking delivery of THE Phantom Flex earlier this year we tried to hit the ground running and put it in as many situations and locations as we could to figure out what really made this camera tick and capture some amazing images.

We have been slowly gaining some momentum with the big girl and we have just delivered our ‘Super Slow Moto’ series to Red Bull as well as a 12 part MX tutorial to our good friends at Transmoto Magazine in Australia.

“Life just looks cooler at 1000FPS”

With that work out in the world we thought we would finally sit down and make time to complete our ‘Flex Reel’ as a tool to showcase our work but to help sell this amazing camera to the masses. We used a mixture of some of the amazing visuals we captured in the time we have had the camera as well as added in some shots from our ‘Dream Ride’ video we produced for partner JDR Motorsports back in 2011.

Below is our first reel and we are really looking forward to adding to this as the rest of the year happens and we book more jobs with the big girl, so enjoy!

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STRAIGHT FLEXIN’ – Red Bull Slow Moto


For the last few months we have been working on building a portfolio of footage with our new Phantom Flex 2K and taking it out on select projects. At long last though we are ready to release some footage from the big girl as well as share a project we co-produced with our good friends at The Medium Creative Group and Red Bull.

Working with the Flex is never the same twice. So much information and detail is captured at 1200 frames per second and beyond, even the most simple of actions come to life in a way that can’t shine through with another image capture device.

While it isn’t the easiest camera to operate, requiring heavy duty continuous lighting while inside and crazy high shutter speeds, the juice is worth the squeeze.

With our background in action sports cinematography the Phantom Flex slid straight into our current arsenal of gear quite nicely and wound up complementing some of the projects that we had on the horizon.

Late in 2014 Red Bull came to The Medium CG/ANAKT with a concept called ‘Slow Moto’ that would see some of Motocross’ most complicated techniques slowed down and broken down by the worlds best athletes. We were commissioned to complete the four part series from concept to delivery… We started filming in Santa Barbra, CA and ended in Orlando, FL and threw our full rack of gear at the project with the Flex as the star of the show.

The first of the four videos went live last week and truly went viral. The Facebook teaser on Red Bull’s page quickly clocked up 3,000,000 views and thousands of comments and shares and was featured by every motocross outlet online. Each following video with go live every other Wednesday with the next coming in a couple of days (July 15) so stay tuned to for more!







Action sports may be our roots in the Digital Cinema world but music is really one of our true passions so when the opportunity came up to work with one of Australia’s best selling local artists, Hip-Hop legend ‘Esso’, we jumped at the chance! The gig came up through childhood friend Allan Hardy when he called us and said that he was going to be shooting the music video for Esso’s lead single ‘Sunny Days’ in Venice beach.

Esso is all about modern hip-hop having a positive influence on it’s listeners and ‘Sunny Days’ is a feel good anthem that is designed to spread those good vibes. This wasn’t a big budget shoot by any means but the vibe that Esso was going for in the song didn’t call for it. Instead the shoot relied on Esso’s good nature and vibrant character to interact with his random co-stars in the video. Although it wasn’t a ‘big budget’ shoot, we had some pretty cool kit that was able to add some high production value for cheap. We are lucky enough to have our own aerial platform for our Epic so our cost to provided aerials on a shoot like this isn’t over the top. We were able to use the Octo for GV’s in Venice beach as well as for a couple of voice takes on top of a roof where Esso rapped at the bird, 2 stories above the ground. We also used the gimbal in a lot of different ways with Esso coming towards the camera as well as for some of the more fun scenes that you see in the video.

When it was all said and done this was one of the most enjoyable shoots we have been a part of and is a great lesson to new and seasoned film makers that with great talent, decent gear, a good director and solid editing; you can make an awesome video for a super reasonable price!



Early last year we were lucky enough to get the call up to DP the global launch campaign in conjunction with the guys at Questus and Medium… The shoot was at the G.O.A.T’s (Greatest of all time) Ricky Carmichale’s farm in Tallahassee Florida and spanned three days. Do complete the shoot we were armed with our trusty RED Epic, DJI Ronin, Octocopter and we even bought in an R-44 to make sure we were able to get some of that shots required that needed a little bit more muscle that the RC Heli.

The GOAT was a total legend to work with and made the shoot really smooth. Former pro Les Smith was cast for the on-bike roll and he absolutely killed it. We required multiple takes on dangerous sections of the track and no request was too much. Our DJI Ronin was heavily used on this project to track the bike and show how the updates on the new motorcycle work in a real world situation.

We used the RC heli for up close and intimate aerials that required a lot of control and close proximity. For some of the faster, more landscape aerials we bought in a R-44 and used the Ronin inside that for stabilization which worked amazing.

The guys at Medium took care of most of the edit and when it was handed over to Questus they were stoked with the finished product. The reception of the launch and the bike itself was really positive when the video was release and we have just learned that the project was awarded with an AVA Award for excellence in Digital Marketing.


When you get the call up to shoot the National Guard in Iconic Cape Cod, you naturally get a little excited. You get more into it when you’re told that you just need to really bring your own style to it… The shoot also gave us another chance to collaborate with our good friends at Medium Creative and their specific brief was to shoot it with your ‘Action Sports’ style.

We headed over with our RED’s and all our lenses as well as our DJI Ronin and a small lighting set up for interviews. We shot over three days to come away with several 15 and 30-second edits that would be used nationally on TV and on live web events.

We have inserted some of our favorite screen grabs from the RED as well as one of the spots that was aired on both television and live online broadcasts.

One of the best parts of the shoots was meeting the soldiers. They were such a great group of guys and girls and we walked away from that shoot with some great new friends as well as some amazing footage!

We made some life long friends on this shoot

We made some life long friends on this shoot – Jarret was one of them!


A screen shot from the RED Epic at 4K/120fps

A screen shot from the RED Epic at 4K/120fps


Early this year we were asked out to Jeremy McGraths ranch on the CA/Mexican border to film for a special project by our friends at They are one of the leaders in Motocross video content and have created a cult following for their “Platinum” series of videos. In 2014 they decided to take this series of videos over to the iTunes store to a) help fund better productions and b) provide their following with a downloadable form of the Platinum series. Vurb Director Wes Williams has been a long time friend of ANAKT and personal friend of ours and he was pretty keen to get us out the to shoot part 1 of his most ambitious Platinum yet.

From the shoot in Californian desert Wes got on a plane and headed to Jeffery’s homeland in the Netherlands while we looked at some of the Epic images to come out of the RED.

We shot all ground footage on the day as well as some gimbal shots to complement the work that Wes was doing with the Ocotcopter. It is always refreshing to get back on a set of sticks with a long telephoto lens and nail some crazy focus pulls. This screen shot was the last corner we filmed on the day… Well actually it was passed the last shot of the day. We saw the sun back lighting this berm and asked Jeff to put his helmet back on and go to work on it for as long as it held up and we came away with some of the nicest images of the shoot. This same shot (from one of the photographers) found it’s way onto the cover over Meta magazine and this particular shot made the final edit. You can watch the trailer below and if you want to watch the bet motocross video of 2014 click THIS link to the iTunes store and download your copy.

There is talk of teaming up with the VurbMoto guys again in 2015 to bring moto-fans more Platinum videos so stay tuned!



   “The industry has gone gimbal crazy”

It seems like the whole cinema industry has gone gimbal crazy in the last 2 years since the release of the Movi, and honestly for good reason. The 3-axis gimbal has opened up seemingly limitless possibilities for getting the stabilized shots that were only possible with super expensive steady cam rigs and other rigs like those on the ultimate arm. ANAKT was not immune to the gimbal epidemic and we jumped on board as early adopters of the 3-axis gimbal. When the Movi first came out there was a lot people talking about how they could make back their investment and if clients were going to want to pay for this new device, but we immediately saw how we could use this product on our own projects and for client jobs.

We hit the ground running with our first gimbal and the response from our clients was overwhelmingly positive and we never looked back.

The DJI Ronin on location with MX/SX superstar Ryan Dungey

The DJI Ronin on location with MX/SX superstar Ryan Dungey

This is a challenge that we have welcomed here at ANAKT and we are always working on new ways and places to mount our gimbal to maximize production value and minimize cost for out clients. We have already hung out the door of an R-44 for our Suzuki shoot and followed riders at 40 MPH along rutted whoops but we are looking forward to throwing our gimbal in even more weird and challenging environments to get the shot.

In terms of the gimbal we are using, we just decided to jump on board with the newly released DJI Ronin for a couple of reasons. Firstly the Ronin just has a superior build quality and finish to almost all other gimbals on the market for hand held use. We use a modified Movi on our ocotcopter due to its lightweight but for handheld/mounted use we are really happy with the Ronin.

When you purchase the Ronin (B&H Photo) you really are ready to go and that is something that attracted us to the product. You pull it out of the laser cut foam that it comes in; attach the top rail/handle to the quick release plate on the top motor and place it on the provided stand. From there you need to balance you camera and turn the unit on. The tool-less adjustment in a godsend and such a welcome change to units we have used in the past. There is also a super easy to use Bluetooth connected app for iOS that you download to make changes to the settings of the Ronin.

It is amazing the difference this app makes to using the gimbal in the field. Every time we have used the gimbal we have connected the app to make subtle changes to fine-tune it for the shot. In the past we have had to connect the gimbal to a laptop via USB and we are pretty stoked those days are over. It also has extremely long battery life, which is one less thing for us to have to worry about on set. While we are talking about battery life we have decided to power the RED with the same Lipo batteries that we use with the camera on our Octocopter. They are much lighter weight to using the RED’s side handle with RED Volts and last about 10 times longer which just allows us more freedom to use the Ronin how we want to use it. We have just go the new Cinemilled Ronin plate which is going to let us attach to the Ronin to car mounts, tripod heads, cranes and any other contraption that we fabricate to allow us to get everything but the ‘walking behind someone in the street’ gimbal shot that is taking the industry by storm!

Shooting the GOAT... Ricky Carmichael

Shooting the GOAT… Ricky Carmichael


Welcome to the new look

So this is the official “welcome to ANAKT” blog, the first of many to come on our new online HQ. ANAKT is a visual company and our old site really didn’t show ANAKT as the original and creative powerhouse that we want to be known for. The team at OOPM were able to come up with new logo’s that we are stoked on and developed to showcase what we are all about here. Going forward we are using the site as a home for all of our commercial and internal work as well as equipment blogs, film tutorials and the general workings of our film trips all over the world.

“the first of many to come on our new online HQ”

We are coming into an excited few months here at ANAKT with a trip to New York in the books, a TV pilot shoot as well as a trip to Hawaii coming up to film the Pipleline Masters in Oahu. Not to mention we have spent nearly a month with our TYTO Gimbal that we have been developing this year with the talented team at PMG Multirotors in Corona, and we are behind impressed with the new creative options it has given us. The TYTO, combined with our workhorse RED Epic, has delivered some shots that have blown us away already. Welcome to the new ANAKT online home, we look forward to delivering you some unique and creative content over the coming months!